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Over 10 years in the making, Technical Authentication & Grading is the leading and multi-patented technology-backed card grading solution.

TAG collectible expertise spans across TCGs, sports, and non-sports cards including popular categories such as Pokémon, Topps, Magic: The Gathering, Panini, Marvel, Upper Deck, One Piece, Weiß Schwarz, Star Wars, Dragon Ball, Garbage Pail Kids, among many others.

Our mission: To use innovation, to apply technologies, and to create for each collector: transparencyaccuracy, and consistency for every card graded.

Submission Kits

At a customer's election, TAG will send all the supplies you need to properly protect your cards in transit. Submission Kits include: insurance, TAG Shields, Easy Pull Penny Sleeves, TAG Rigid Deck Boxes, our securely cable tied TAG Safecase, and convenient, 2 way pre-paid express shipping.

Digital Reports

Every TAG graded card includes a detailed Digital Imaging & Grading Report (DIG). By scanning the TAG Grade on the slab with your smartphone, instantly access high res images of all the identified defects, scoring breakdowns for individual card attributes, Population, Leaderboard, Chronology, and more.

Grading Technology

Our multi-patented technological grading system scores on a precise 1000 point scale & translates into an industry standard 1-10 Grade. Using Photometric Stereoscopic Imaging, TAG offers an unparalleled level of grading accuracy. TAG aims to represent the objective standard for collectible card grading.


Completely Transparent.

Introducing the first ever transparent, paperless, flip, otherwise known as the “tag."
TAG inscribes the grade and data directly onto the crystal clear encasing.
Slabs include an accurate Industry Standard 1-10 Grade (TAG X) as well as a Digital Image & Grading Report (DIG).
TAG S users receive a precise 1000 pt TAG Score, determining card grade-strength and ranking on the TAG Leaderboards.


All necessary metrics for identifying a card including name, year, set, card #, and variations. All verified by OCR and our Card ID department.


Digital security measures are embedded in every slab. Use your smartphone to instantly verify TAG authenticity.


TAG uses a UV and abrasion resistant thermoplastic acrylic with the highest clarity optics available. You have to see it for yourself to believe it.


Designed with radiused edges to maximize in-hand comfort and maintain extreme durability. The slabs also interlock and stack easily.

​TAG believes the card's appearance should speak for itself.
Say goodbye to distracting paper flips. Instead, the TAG grades
and data are permanently inscribed directly inside the slab.



Each TAG Graded card receives a 1-10 industry standard grade. Our patented technology delivers unrivaled accuracy and consistency.


With TAG S service, collectors can access a precise 1000 pt TAG Score, differentiating cards as 'high 10' or 'low 10,' and enabling card rankings on the TAG Leaderboard.


Scan the QR Code to easily view the card's Digital Image & Grading Report which includes identified defects, hi-res images, scoring, centering, pop, rankings, & chronology.


Scan the QR Code to view a card's Defects Identified of Notable Grade Significance (DINGS), Subgrades, centering metrics & more via smartphone or web.

TAG Card Vision

Use the Surface Defect Transparency Slider in order to view the card using TAG's Card Vision. Card Vision enables you to more easily spot defects and imperfections in the card by utilizing TAG's Photometric Stereoscopic Imaging technology. This advanced imaging feature is included with both TAG_X and TAG_S service levels.

DIG Reports

Digital Image & Grading (DIG) Reports are the most comprehensive and detailed condition analysis and technological grading available. DIGs can be accessed by scanning the QR code on the tag or by looking up the card's Cert number. TAG_X DIGs focus on the core defects that impacted the grade, aka the "DINGS." TAG_S DIG Reports breakdown the card into further detail with precise 3 digit scoring.

We Take Pride in Our Patents

What Others are Saying

In appreciation of our customers for their time and effort, TAG will offer a coupon toward your next order for a photo or video posted with your fair and honest review on this website.

Max Korbel

Intel Corp.
Engineering Lead

"TAG is the technological revolution in grading that the industry needs. High-precision equipment, state of the art image processing, & patented innovations provide the accuracy & consistency required for a truly objective grade measurement. People will wonder how they ever trusted the legacy solutions."

Ryda Nofal

Apple Inc.
Software Engineer

"TAG is a world-class team whose technology powers an impeccable grading process performed with the highest level of accuracy and meticulous attention to detail. Driven by an abundance of creativity, ingenuity, and dedication, TAG has created an awestriking and attention commanding product."

John Bailey

Triller Sports
VP Strategy & Execution

"The future of sports involves three main tenants: Entertainment, Engagement, and Experiences. I believe that TAG embodies all three of these values and will come to represent a future security for the value of cards, collectibles, and ultimately, legendary moments in sports and entertainment history."

Meet the Founder & CEO

After sixty-five years of collecting sports memorabilia, including over 400,000 cards, my son asked me a question which prompted a 10-year endeavor that would become TAG: “Dad, I know they mean a lot to you, but have you ever considered selling them?”

I had never sold a card and had no idea how to do it. At five years old, I purchased my first card using my own money earned doing chores-- a Wally Westlake ’51 Redbacks. Since that time, I acquired a lot of cards, many of considerably more value but none more cherished by me...

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