TAG x NOCT Sling Bag


TAG x NOCT  provides the hobby with a secure and more convenient way to travel with cards. Our card collections are our prized possessions so keeping them secured and protected from harsh environments is key. The TAG x NOCT sling’s magnetic snap closure keeps your cards, and your bag secured! Additionally, it's nested luggage design provides your collection with double-layered UV protection, keep your cards safe from harsh conditions.

 The Gem Sling crossbody bag


  • Card Block which fits up to 30 graded slabs
  • “NOCT” dust bag for storing The Gem Sling
  • Adjustable body strap with sliding magnetic clasp for quick on-and-off release
  • Side pockets for small devices, cash & trading card supplies
  • Robust, magnetic snap with bungee for security & quick access
  • Hidden pockets inside bag for storing cash or other valuables
  • Modular inner case that stores up to 30 graded cards, 100 top loaders, 100 card savers, or 24 magnetic card holders
  • Removable dividers to organize your collection in multiple ways