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TAG continuously strives to meet and exceed the expectations of our valued community. Today, we are excited to share a significant advancement that has been shaped by your feedback. With your help, we welcome the industry to the unveiling of Phase II of our business plan: TAG X.


Among the comments and feedback we have received, the TAG Digital Imaging and Grading Reports (DIG) have been overwhelmingly recognized as the most complete and transparent grading analysis existing in the card industry today.


TAG has discovered that the DIG report is most sought after by collectors of high-value cards. These card collectors believe the DIG Report adds secondary market value, because it provides accountability and reasoning for the grade. Many collectors see value in being able to objectively differentiate one 10 from another. 


TAG X offers the same grading system quality and accountability, without three-digit scoring and with the industry-standard 10-point grading scale.


Drawing on the simplicity of the Roman numeral "X," representing 10, TAG X refines our evaluation process by utilizing the precision of our 1000-point TAG Score system (TAG S) while optimizing for speed and streamlined operational efficiency. This advancement allows TAG X to quickly deliver consistent 10-point grades, preserving the accuracy of analysis inherent in the original system. By making the evaluation process more efficient, we can process a greater volume of cards through TAG X, resulting in reduced costs per card. We are passing this cost savings per card on to you with the introduction of TAG X.


In line with our goal to make transparent, accurate, and consistent grading accessible, TAG X will be available via exclusive drops at a grading fee of $12, among the lowest grading fees in the industry. This price point, coupled with no declared value upcharges, represents our dedication to providing value without compromising quality.


Moving forward, TAG will begin offering TAG X in addition to our two pre-existing tiers of service: TAG V and TAG S (previously known as TAG VA and TAG Grading). The difference between the three tiers is laid out below: 

TAG V and all three tiers of service include verifying the authenticity of the card, encapsulation, card ID inscription, pop report registration, HD photo downloads of the slabbed card, Proof anti-counterfeit technology, and of course, our TAG foil wrap for the excitement of pulling the newly TAG'd card fresh from a pack. 


TAG X additionally includes the 1-10 Standard Industry Grade, as well as TAG’s new improved DIG Report which highlights and simplifies the process of discovering the "Defects Identified with Notable Grading Significance" or "DINGS" on your card. There is no change in the imagery provided on the DIG report, the analysis presented merely limits its focus to the most impactful defects.


TAG S additionally includes the TAG 100-1000 pt. Score which differentiates Industry Standard 10 point grades. The TAG 3-digit Score combined with the TAG Leaderboard demonstrates that all 10s are not the same. Cards submitted through the TAG S service come with the "DIG+" report which includes all of the detailed 3-digit metrics that TAG customers are familiar with and allows TAG to differentiate a Gem Mint 10 from the prestigious TAG Pristine 10. The DINGS section included with TAG X will be incorporated into TAG S in the near future.


We debuted TAG X at the Toronto Sport Card Expo to test an initial market response. In Toronto, over 70% of submissions opted for TAG X. This enthusiastic reception has encouraged us to continue exploring ways to make our services even more accessible. TAG believes the cost of grading should not discourage a card owner to have a card graded or TAG'd.


The TAG X $12 service will be replacing the $14 and $19 TAG S services and will offer the same 30 day turnaround time. TAG S will remain at its current price of $25 per card with a 15 day turnaround time (all in business days). We are also excited to announce that this change enables us to reduce the cost of our speedy 3-5 day TAG S service from $75 to just $50 per card. TAG V will remain at $9 per card, volume discounts are available--please see the form here. 


We believe that TAG S has great appeal for premium cards, especially in cases where a collector wishes to differentiate their card from others within the same grade. The three-digit score (TAG S), which includes a card's Rank, is available as a premium service for those who are interested in learning exactly where their card ranks on the leaderboard, as well as just how precisely strong of a grade the card has.


We have been saying exciting updates are "just around the corner," and some of you caught the reference! After much anticipation, we are thrilled to announce a significant milestone for TAG: the official acceptance of rounded corner cards. Marking the launch of TAG X, Pokémon (TCG) submissions are now officially accepted by TAG.

This exciting expansion extends beyond just Pokémon; we're also welcoming submissions for Magic the Gathering, along with a variety of other same-sized beloved trading card games like Disney LorcanaDragon Ball, One Piece, Digimon, Weiß Schwarz, and more. This rollout is a testament to our commitment to embrace the diverse interests of our community, catering to enthusiasts and collectors of multiple genres. TAG X is set to be a dynamic new chapter, bringing together fans from across the trading card universe under one roof.

In addition to TAG X, all of these cards will be eligible for the TAG S and TAG V services.


The TAG website and order process has been updated to include two new optional offerings when ordering any tier of service, at only $0.99 per card.

TAG Assure safeguards your cards against unexpected loss or damage from the point your order arrives at TAG headquarters through its return to you. It also guarantees a full refund for any Rejected cards due to size restriction, miscuts, or ineligibility. TAG Assure will be offered in the form of either Standard Protection ($0.99) which insures for up to $100 per card or Advanced Protection ($1.99) which insures for up to $250 per card. If customers wish to insure for more than the Standard or Advanced plans, they can purchase additional TAG Premium Insurance. 

TAG Card Care includes the careful and meticulous removal of any debris from your card surfaces, a protective sleeve for your slab, as well as card deionization. Residue left on a card's surface may negatively impact the overall grade. TAG also utilizes a process called "Deionization" to reverse the static charge on the surface of a card. This safely makes the card less prone to attracting dust particulates and ensures the integrity and quality of the card. There are no chemicals or solutions used on your cards, nor do we do anything that alters the card's stock.


After listening to customer feedback, we have decided to make the TAG Submission Kit service a completely optional upgrade with every order. While we have heard back from many people that love the simplicity, ease and convenience that the submission kit offers, there are others who prefer having the option to send their cards in right away, with their own supplies and shipping courier. Customers who wish to send their cards directly to TAG will be given submission instructions following Card ID input in the TAG portal. For those that value the convenience of submission kits, we have added an additional feature when upgrading:

Now, when you use our TAG Submission Kit service, your cards are automatically protected with insurance coverage of up to $1,000, ensuring your valuable items are safeguarded from the time they leave your hands to the time they arrive at our facility.

Our comprehensive Submission Kit offering includes all necessary supplies, a detailed step-by-step guide, and the now insured TAG SafeCase for maximum protection. With 2-day expedited shipping to you and pre-paid expedited return shipping directly to TAG included, this kit promises a smooth, stress-free journey from beginning to end, giving you complete peace of mind. 

TAG Submission Kit Service Includes: 

Cost of Expedited 2-day Shipping the Kit to You

Cost of Expedited 2-day Shipping Pre-paid Label Cards back to TAG HQ 
Insurance up to $1,000 en route to TAG HQ 
TAG SafeCase (Rigid, Weather-resistant, and Lockable) 

TAG Mailer Box with Step by Step instructions
Protective Polycarbonate TAG Deckbox

Polyurethane Foam Inserts 
TAG Shields (Semi-rigids) 
TAG Ez-pull Card Sleeves 
Serialized Zip-tie Lock 
Discrete Packaging 

At TAG, we strive to offer exceptional value to our customers. While the combined value of 2-way shipping, materials, insurance, and our specialized service reaches approximately $94.00, we're dedicated to providing an affordable solution. This commitment has led us to present this comprehensive service at the special rate of only $39.95, making it a great value for those who choose to take advantage of it.


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