As more and more collectors make the switch to TAG Grading for their modern cards, TAG continues to meet the challenge of quickly rising demand through an innovative sales approach.

      In each TAG Grading Drop, a limited number of grading packages are made available at a time announced through TAG’s social media channels, newsletter, text message alerts, and website.

      The initial TAG Grading Drop on March 9th sold out in under 10 minutes. A week later, the next TAG Grading Drop saw more than five times as many packages available, and sold out in under 20 minutes. The third TAG Grading Drop on April 13 continued the streak of sellouts, with even more packages selling out. On May 3rd, TAG sold out for a fourth time. Today, the fifth grading drop sold out in under fifteen minutes with a record number of packages sold.  

      Each TAG Grading Drop was for a $14/card package, and every order came with TAG’s complimentary Submission Kit containing TAG shields and sleeves, a TAG Deckbox, Safecase, and prepaid shipping labels to make the customer experience as streamlined as possible.

     TAG Co-Founder and VP Matthew Cook says the drops were inspired by pop-up sales events from popular artists and streetwear brands. “In my opinion, drop culture is reminiscent of the same scarcity effect that drives many of us collectors to collect in the first place," Cook explained. “While TAG ramps into complete scalability, we feel it is important to continually make grading packages available to more and more people. Our current abundance of quality assurance on each and every card necessitates our modesty of intake. It is important to us that every TAG'd card gets the quality inspection it deserves.”  

      TAG will continue the drop model for the immediate future, with more drops planned into the summer months. Customers seeking to guarantee the chance to purchase can visit to claim one of a limited number of Priority Codes. These codes bypass the waiting room for the next announced TAG Grading Drop and ensure the ability to purchase a grading package.

May 19, 2023
Tags: drops news