(Above) A DIG report containing this notice indicates that the card was graded as part of
TAG's soft launch and is eligible for a free reslab and credit toward your next order.

After TAG's "early adopter" soft launch in 2022, the hobby suggested we make our grading scale more intuitive-- so we listened.

In response to industry feedback, the first digit of the TAG Grade (on our 100-1000 point scale), needed to correspond to the Industry Standard Grade (on the 1-10 point scale). For example, a TAG Grade of 800-849 should be reflected as an Industry Standard Grade of 8, and a TAG 850-899 should be reflected as an 8.5.

​TAG did not change its grading standards or algorithms, we merely responded to the hobby's suggestion that our three digit TAG Grade should intuitively reflect the 1-10 industry standard grading scale. In order to do this, we corrected the conversion chart which, in turn, corrected each 3 digit score assigned to the cards we had graded up to that point.


(Above) A TAG Score of 925 from the Early Adopter program (which was then the threshold for a 10),
has now been converted to a 950 (which is now the official threshold for a TAG 10.)

​While TAG's Grades (100-1000 pt.) prior to January 12, 2023 will now convert to the more intuitive scale, TAG's corresponding Industry Standard Grade will not change. We believe this is beneficial and impactful to the majority of the hobby. 

One highlight of this adjustment is that in consideration of TAG not having a 9.5 grade, a TAG 10 will now begin at 950. Be assured that this adjustment has no effect on the way cards are graded by TAG’s automated and patented system. It is not any easier or harder to get any grade (1-10) under the new grading scale than it was before. On our optimized and converted grading scale, the Pristine is now represented by the score of 990-1000, the top 1% of the scale.

(Above) A TAG Score of 875 from the Early Adopter program (which was then the threshold for a 9),
has now been converted to a 900 (which is now the official threshold for a TAG 9.)



We apologize for any inconvenience that may have been caused and in recognition thereof, for any cards TAG graded prior to 1/12/23:

  • TAG is offering FREE reslabbing of the cards (shipping not included).
  • For every card re-slabbed, you will receive a $5 credit to be applied to your next submission.
  • Credit is applicable to any quantity of slabs.
  • You may drop off your TAG Slabs in person if you are attending any show TAG has an official presence at. 

TAG slabs do not have to be cards you have had personally graded with TAG. Cards may be purchased on the secondary market and sent in for a credit. Any slabs eligible for a grading credit will soon have an indication on their respective DIG Report. 


To submit your pre-score conversion TAG Graded cards (prior to 1/12/23) for free re-slabbing, please click the chat icon in the bottom right hand corner of the screen, and send a message to our customer service team with the following:

Conversion/Credit Request

  • Your Name
  • Email Address (same as your TAG account)
  • Address (that you want the cards sent back to)
  • Cert Numbers (for each of the cards you will be submitting for re-slabbing)

For each pre 1/12/23 TAG slab you send in, you will be receiving a $5 credit toward your next order. For example, if you are re-slabbing 40 cards (free), you will receive $200 in grading credit.