A TAG Score is the 3 Digit, precise 100-1000 point score a card receives when grading using the TAG S service. The TAG Score has a direct correlation to the Industry Standard (1-10) Grade of a card and enables the ability to assess how "strong" a grade the card has.

With a precise TAG Score, you are able to differentiate grades on the 1000 point scale, meaning you can quantify which of two Gem Mint 10's has a stronger grade. One card may get a 950 (the lowest score for a 10) while another may get a 975 (a much stronger 10).

Due to TAG's ability to precisely differentiate cards using our patented technology, TAG is able to rank cards on an official Leaderboard for each card. The card from the previous example may be the 13th highest ranked Gem Mint, whereas the 975 may be the #1 Ranked highest graded card.

When upgrading to a TAG S service, the grade of the card will not change. The TAG system will simply clarify the strength of the grade by assigning it a final 3 digit TAG Score. The Score will be inscribed into the QR code on the slab and the card will be entered onto the Leaderboard with an assigned rank. In addition to this, the card will get access to a TAG S DIG (Digital Image & Grading) Report which includes 3 digit scoring data on each card attribute, with front and back scores, and the identification of all impacting defects instead of just the DINGS (Defects Identified of Notable Grading Significance).



Above you can see an example of a TAG Leaderboard for the very famous 1991 Upper Deck #SP1 Michael Jordan Baseball Card.

Each of the columns represents a card metric that you can sort by. As seen in this example, the #1 Ranked card received a Score of 954 and a Grade of Gem Mint 10. So far, it is the only version of this card to receive a 10. The next highest, received the overall rank #2, and a 942 Score with a Grade of Mint 9. While it is the #2 highest overall, the column RANK BY GRADE indicates that this card holds the #1 Rank among other 9, which there are multiple of.

Each of the column headers can be clicked to change the way the sorting is viewed. You may also view the DIG (Grading Report) of any of these individual cards by clicking the View button in the far right column. Above the leaderboard is a dropdown filter where you can choose to eliminate certain grades from your leaderboard view. Above that is a Geo-pop Map which shows where the cards have originated.

To check out and experiment with the live version of this leaderboard, click the button below.



If you are interested in upgrading an existing TAG X slab to a TAG S slab, simply click the link below to begin creating a new order. Please send the entire slab into TAG HQ with your order. TAG will safely remove the card from the existing slab.