$25 /CARD

30 Business Day Turn Around
1000 PT. Score + Card Rank (Leaderboard)
Digital Image & Grading Report of Every Card (DIG+)
Complimentary TAG Reveal Wrap - Each Slab Sealed in a Foil Pack
Archival-grade Encapsulation in the Highest Clarity Acrylic Slabs.
No Paper Flips, Card ID Inscribed into the Slab itself.
Stunning High-Res Photo Downloads of your Slabs.
'Proof' Anti-counterfeiting Technology, Embedded in each Slab.
No Upcharges based on Value

TAG Assure (Recommended) TAG Assure safeguards your cards from the moment they arrive at TAG headquarters until their return to you, protecting against unexpected loss or damage. Additionally, it ensures a 100% refund for any rejected cards due to size restriction, miscuts, or ineligibility. Cards rejected without TAG Assure will receive a 50% refund, which includes a recoupment fee to cover associated labor costs.

Note: TAG Assure does not cover cards while in transit to TAG. For this see the TAG Submission Kit.
Outbound Insurance (Loss/Damage) and 100% Refund Protection
Card Care (Recommended) TAG's Card Care service includes the careful and meticulous removal of any debris, fingerprints, or residue from your card surface. Residue left on a card's surface may negatively impact the overall grade. It also includes a protective sealable slab sleeve to help prevent future scratching. TAG also utilizes a process called "Deionization" to reverse the static charge on the surface of a card. This makes the card less prone to attracting dust particulates.

Careful removal of any debris, fingerprints, or residue + Slab sleeve

Note: Upgrading to TAG S requires submitting a card in a pre-existing TAG X Slab.


The TAG Submission Kit offers an effortless grading process, complete with essential supplies, a step-by-step guide, and the insured, secure TAG SafeCase. Including Expedited 2-day shipping to you and back to TAG, this kit ensures a seamless, worry-free experience from start to finish.

TAG Submission Kit Service Includes:

  • Cost of Expedited 2-day Shipping the Kit to You
  • Cost of Expedited 2-day Shipping Pre-paid Label Cards back to TAG HQ 
  • Insurance up to $1,000 in route to TAG HQ 
  • TAG SafeCase (Rigid, Weather-resistant, and Lockable) 
  • TAG Mailer Box with Step by Step instructions
  • Protective Polycarbonate TAG Deckbox
  • Polyurethane Foam Inserts 
  • TAG Shields (Semi-rigids) 
  • TAG Ez-pull Card Sleeves 
  • Serialized Zip-tie Lock 
  • Discrete Packaging 

Total Approximate Value: $94.00

Offered for $39.95